a documentary by Rahul Roy

89 mins|2013|India

till we meet againIn 1999 the film, When four friends meet, ends with the promise that the four young men who are the main protagonists of the film and the director will meet again in ten years. They do meet again in 2012 and the world seems to have changed in the years that have gone by. The four friends are now married, have children and entirely new ideas like the share market have made an entry into what was a working class resettlement area of Delhi. The documentary explores through the everyday of four men the experience of a changing Delhi and how it intersects with their marriage, children, families and work. The documentary criss-crosses between 1998 and 2012 to set up a story that spans more than a decade and brings us up close to the unpredictability of life as well as continuities that belie any simple answers to the idea of the city, its working populations, change and men.

When the four friends meet again…they share with the camera stories from the past and their complicated present. Bunty, Kamal, Sanjay and Sanju, best of friends and residents of Jehangirpuri, a resettlement area of Delhi are trying to make their lives in a city that is no longer as distant as it was in their teens…it has consumed them and they are now the city, it’s everyday…their childhood memories of deprivation a source of amusement for the children…marriage that fearful future is now their present…relationships are no longer a romantic song sequence but an everyday negotiation, a reality…violence always lurks round the corner…responsibilities are not a romantic goal but a crushing detail…today is not yesterday…it cannot be…and tomorrow remains uncertain.

Director’s Note



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