Project Support

Lets Talk Men 2.0 was conceived with the support of Partners for Prevention, a UNDP, UNFPA, UN Women and UNV regional joint programme for gender-based violence prevention in Asia and the Pacific. LTM 2.0 was initiated through a series of meetings where the film makers and a set of advisors worked on the project idea as well as the individual films. Each film idea was presented to this group and discussed threadbare. The filmmakers from Pakistan and Sri Lanka chose to make fiction features while the Indian and Nepal films are documentaries. Since fiction features require substantially higher funds and the project to begin with was conceived for documentaries more funds were required to be raised. A set of donors and private funders stepped in to support the fiction features from Pakistan and Sri Lanka. The new partners included IPPF; Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Norway; the Royal Norwegian Embassy (Pakistan); UNWOMEN; Trocaire and CARE International (Sri Lanka).

The project has also forged partnerships with national organisations that have pitched in with fund raising and are now involved with the dissemination phase. ┬áRozan (Pakistan), Save the Children (Nepal), Commutineers – The Youth Collective (India), CARE International (Sri Lanka) will be closely associated with the screening of the films and will house the films and associated material for easy access in all the countries involved.

Dr. Dilip Simeon, Dr. Kalyani Menon-Sen and Dr. Shekhar Sheshadri have served as advisors to the project.

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