About Aakar

Aakar is a registered Trust with its office in New Delhi, India. Aakar has initiated a series of regional projects on masculinities and prevention of violence against women that include production of documentaries, research, trainings, seminars, etc. Aakar was set up in 1992 to conduct research and produce documentaries and other media materials to impact upon public and policy discourse on various themes including gender, violence, communalism, health, livelihood, culture, etc. Besides its media-related work, Aakar has also been working in the areas of research, capacity development, networking, conducting workshops, designing interventions for civil society groups in different parts of South Asia.

A regional travelling seminar on masculinities organised by Aakar visited 16 universities in South Asia has established a new public sphere of debate and discussion involving universities, NGOs, activists, as well as independent scholars and writers. More than 120 academics, artists, media practitioners and activists from different parts of South Asia have been directly involved in the seminars as paper presenters and discussants.

Aakar designed and coordinated the Let’s Talk Men 1.0 and 2.0 projects under which a series of documentaries have been produced in Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and India on the theme of masculinities.

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